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Bordertown 2018 Updates

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March 21 2018

  • Remember, you can sign up for side matches when you register so do not think you have missed out.
  • Los Vaqueros TWO separate 1 day shoots the weekend just before Bordertown. This is a great way to warm up, see your friends, swap some lies and get used to BT type target placement.
  • Main Match round count:
  • 120 rifle
  • 120 pistol
  • 48+ shotgun
  • The above does not reflect what you may shoot on the Blast or any side matches.
  • Friday (the 26th) will be RED SHIRT DAY to honor the men and women who are serving or have served in the military or public safety to help keep our country safe and allowing us to go forth and enjoy life the way we are.
  • You will find out your posse assignment when you pick up your packets at registration. Previous e-mails with a group number are not indicators of your posse. If you get 2 email notices, it is because there were two shooters on your application and both had the same email address. Not trying to confuse, just trying to get info to every shooter.
  • Just another reminder that LONG RANGE will be shot right next door to Bordertown. There will be signs posted so you can find your way over to it. The categories are: Long range pistol (50 yds), long range rifle pistol caliber (100 yds), long range rifle rifle cal. usually lever gun (200 yds), long range single shot (300 yds), black powder single shot (300 yds), Quigley (200-220 yds) and Take No Prisoners (which is a combination of all) Please be patient, this is a range none of us have shot or set up for a formal match. NO ONE has prior shooting advantage on this event.
  • Bobcat Brian will be hosting a Black powder Night Shoot right there at the Livery. If you want join the BP Gang be at the range at 5:30 pm Wednesday night, there will be no additional charge for the RAID. Bring any SASS legal set of firearms and plenty of Black powder (or blackpowder substitute) ammo. gonna need about 20 rifle, 20 revolver and a box of shotgun ammo. Black powder is not required to shoot this side match, but it is a whole lot more fun. Bring all the fire, smoke and BOOM you can handle. If you want to compete for the soon to be coveted Bordertown Night RAID trophy you must shoot black powder or BP Substitute.

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